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Nestled between Seminyak and Canggu, 1880 Brawa is a six-storey building featuring a beachside hotel with 12 suites, private office spaces for rent that can be personalised to your needs, our signature restaurant and high-energy bars, a members club and cocktail pool with stunning views overlooking Brawa beach. 


1880 Brawa Entrace
1880 Brawa Room


Your beachside retreat starts here. We have 12 suites that are equipped for families, paired travellers, or individuals.

1880 Brawa Rendering


An 1880 take on a neighbourhood restaurant with a Middle Eastern flair. The menu at Leonie’s celebrates bold flavours and embraces light and easy eating. Conceptualised by Executive Chef Colin Buchan.

1880 Food
1880 Cocktail


Arthur’s offers you a thoughtful selection of cocktails for anytime of the day, perfect for pairing with food, and even larger than life punch bowls. We’ll have your preferred libation whether it’s a much-needed caffeine kick, soothing teas, 0.0 drinks, or refreshing juices.


Our high energy bars are conceptualised by Head of Beverage Josh Wilson.

1880 Brawa Lounge


Home to different configurations and private offices that can be personalised to your needs, whether it’s a casual lounge setup or dedicated standing desks. Your teams will have access to communal spaces, social activities, and diverse events. 


1880 Brawa represents the new meeting point for different-minded people where you’ll find inspiration, stimulation, and fresh opportunities for collaboration. Our team will actively introduce you to the people you want to meet.

1880 Mmbers



A members club and cocktail pool (soon to open) with stunning views of Canggu and Brawa beach. 1880 Brawa is designed for individuals who are driven by the desire to think, do, and live differently.


We will plan events that reflect the multi-faceted interests of those who live in Bali, where you’ll disengage from what you’re familiar with, and engage in activities as purpose - being, playing, doing, growing.


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